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Architecture and Industrial Photography Specialists


When you want to showcase your company, or need great images to help drive the message home and grab your audience’s attention, Skogen Photography will capture images for your company that show off your product or service with engaging imagery. You will receive those images in a fast efficient manner so you can start using them immediately to promote your company.


Photographers with Safety in Mind.

At Skogen Photography we take safety seriously. Whether it is a fully finished home, a building under construction or a lease site out in the middle of nowhere you want to make sure that your company is covered from liability. Our premiere photographer, Mark has his tickets for H2S and confined spaces and has experience being on oil and gas leases. Should the unexpected happen, Skogen Photography is insured for $5 000 000 in damages. Skogen Photography is a subsidiary of Skogen Group Corp; being a corporation means that your company is not responsible for covering the photographer’s workers compensation while they are under contract to you.


Trust Skogen Photography to provide you with quality images and peace of mind.